The recipe for workplace health promotion. Simple steps to follow.

Interview with Dr. Roberto Moretti, the expert on workplace health promotion with the best practice in the field within the European Union in the context of this year’s “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” International Campaign in our country.

The Healthy Lifestyle Project: What steps should be taken to promote health in the workplace that you have proposed today to health promotion specialists?

Dr. Roberto Moretti: First of all, when we want to implement a Workplace health promotion program, at the company level, we begin to plan it ahead. If, for example, we want to start implementing the Program in February, then in December we already have to give the companies a specific list of things that need to be done. This program should be planned beforehand, that is, must have an Implementation plan with clearly defined answers to the questions: who, does what, when? and where?.

Secondly, the activities should be described in detail. Each activity must be held by a responsible person. Examples of activities may include: discounts for staff in a restaurant promoting healthy food, bicycle parking, stop smoking counseling, a company alcohol policy etc.

The next step would be to create a web communication platform, where all this would be written, so that people can access and see what is available to maintain good health at work.

The Healthy Lifestyle Project: How can we reduce workplace violence in the context of the ‚16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’ International Campaign?

Dr. Roberto Moretti: First of all, people need to understand that those who are subjected to violence suffer. Suffering can be either physical or psychological. For women who more likely than men experience violence, it is important to recognize this, be prepared for dialogue and discuss this with a professional. So, the first step is to understand that this problem does exist. Secondly, we need to admit that making people suffer is not good for abusers either. Abusers also suffer.

As long as we are taught from our very childhood to tolerate the differences between people, between women and men – there is a chance that the children we grow up will not use violence. This cannot be taught at work, but what we can do – is to develop and implement the Health Promotion Programs in which understanding, and acceptance would be included as the values of a company. Those companies that accept these values ​​are successful because women employed are becoming more efficient.

The Healthy Lifestyle Project: What qualities health promotion specialists should have so that they can bring a healthy lifestyle in the workplace?

Dr. Roberto Moretti: I think that people who work in this field should first of all have a very good general health culture, be very well informed, to learn a lot and constantly. The health sector is one that can bring great value, and we must have the appropriate arguments to advocate for it. Health advocates must have very good communication skills. Communication for health promotion specialists is like a scalpel in a surgeon's hands. Therefore, health promotion specialists must be assertive in communicating with company managers so that they accept and understand the benefits that may result from implementing the Workplace health promotion programs.

The Healthy Lifestyle Project: What is your message to the health advocates community of the Republic of Moldova?

Dr. Roberto Moretti: We can change the mindset of society and help it adopt a healthier lifestyle for a better standard of living. We can do it together, by joining forces!

Thank you very much!

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